Cincinnati Board of Education Approves District Equity Policy

Cincinnati Board of Education members (l to r) Daniel Minera, Carolyn Jones, Melanie Bates, Ericka Dansby, Elissa Hoffman, Eve Bolton and Chris Nelms.

Cincinnati Board of Education members (l to r) Daniel Minera, Carolyn Jones, Melanie Bates (vice president), Ericka Dansby (president), Elissa Hoffman, Eve Bolton and Chris Nelms.

The Cincinnati Board of Education has unanimously approved a groundbreaking policy designed to ensure that Cincinnati Public Schools fully embraces the value of diversity in its operations while eliminating practices that perpetuate disparities among students and schools.

Policy 2255 – Equity and Excellence in Education – was approved at the Board’s April 11, 2016 regular meeting.

“The policy puts the district at the forefront of urban school systems across the nation that are both improving the quality of their instructional programming and ensuring greater equity and access to all the resources that the school district offers,” said Michael Casserly, Executive Director of the Council of the Great City Schools. “The work should pay long-term dividends for the school system, the city of Cincinnati, and most importantly our urban children.”

The policy commits the school board to ensuring that the principles of fairness, equity and inclusion are fully integrated into all of the policies, programs, operations and practices guiding the 34,000-student public school district, largest in Southwest Ohio. BOE

It also obligates the district to eliminate any policies, structures and practices that “perpetuate inequities and contribute to disproportionality of access and outcomes.” In addition, the policy calls for equitable distribution of financial, capital and human resources through Cincinnati Public Schools’ annual budget allocation process.

The policy directs the superintendent and district treasurer to develop a plan with clear and measurable accountability standards and procedures to be shared with the public and submitted to the Board annually for approval. The Board will review implementation of the plan by all district departments and school sites at least semi-annually.