Talent Show at Silverton Paideia Academy Helps Students Find their Voices


After making it through a round of auditions and competing against nearly 75 of their peers, 20 Silverton Paideia Academy students stepped into the spotlight at the Silverton Paideia Academy Talent Show.

“We have seven habits we expect our students to follow, but we recently added an eighth – find your voice – and that’s exactly what these kids are doing,” said Principal Leniese Fuqua.

The other seven habits include things like “Be productive” and “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” They are drawn from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and are part of Silverton Paideia Academy’s overarching philosophy as a Leader In Me school.

“We believe every child can be a leader and we use our seven habits to help students discover their own unique strengths,” said Fuqua. “This talent show lets kids that maybe don’t have the chance to stand out and get on stage, find their voice and shine.” 

The Paideia philosophy celebrates the fundamental notion that to be fully educated is a lifelong adventure that starts with an individual’s formal schooling. Silverton Paideia Academy fosters this lifelong learning by encouraging collaboration and innovative thinking.

As a Community Learning Center (CLC), Silverton Paideia Academy also strives to go beyond academics to provide a hub for community services that are available to all students, their families and the entire community.


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