Roll Hill School Students Prepare to Be Creators of Media at Back-To-School Celebration


Learning to use a stylus with ease might sound intimidating on the spot, but Roll Hill School students were already starting to master it in their new Interactive Learning in Future Endeavors (iLife) Lab at the school’s Back-To-School celebration.

Roll Hill School is one of nine schools that launched a specialized program for the 2017-2018 school year through Cincinnati Public Schools’ (CPS) Vision 2020: My Tomorrow program. Students, parents and community members collaborated to select Technology-Based Learning as the school’s specialized program of choice, creating an opportunity to open the minds of students so they are comfortable exploring, discovering and developing risk-taking and problem-solving skills. 

“Building our curriculum around Technology-Based Learning means students can confidently say, ‘I’ve worked with Google since kindergarten,’ or ‘Yes, I can code,’ and eventually ‘Yes, I’ll take the job,’ because they are prepared to enter the workforce with coding, design and media creation skills,” said Vicki Graves-Hill, Principal of Roll Hill School. “Plus, they can even teach their families a thing or two at home now.”

Students will have access to innovative technology, such as 3D printers and Osmo, and will develop critical-thinking skills for the digital era. Although technology is intentionally woven into the classroom, that doesn’t mean students only will be behind a screen all day. They’ll engage in projects that exercise creativity, research and presentation skills, while learning how to work together as a team.

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