All in a Day’s Work: Macy’s Employees Volunteer to Help Get Spencer Center Ready for the New Year


Installing new landscaping in a courtyard—that’s at least 10 cubic yards of mulch—and planting trees. Constructing several tables and a stage — even staining the wood floor. Getting classrooms “teacher-ready” by painting, furnishing rooms with desks and chairs, and sewing together pillows and cushions. Painting a few Four Square games in the parking lot. Constructing a dozen raised beds for gardening. For one person, this checklist of tasks could take several days to complete. But for 200 Macy’s employees, they just needed an afternoon.

Four busloads of Macy’s employees from its Cincinnati corporate offices and stores pulled up to the Spencer Center for Gifted and Exceptional Students on Aug. 8 with their sleeves rolled up and working gloves on to put the finishing touches on the school for its grand opening for the 2017-18 school year.

“We are grateful to those in the Cincinnati community who stepped up to help make our first day of school—where a lot of students met for the first time—a memorable one,” said Spencer Center Principal Nina Ginocchio.

Red shirts swarmed the grounds, completing tasks like sewing pillows for the student commons area, applying window decals with the school’s new logo, furnishing classrooms with desks and chairs, and preparing the courtyard in which 225 students in grades 3-8 will spend countless afternoons. 

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