AMIS Students Organize, Participate in Fundraiser to Help Houston After Hurricane Harvey


Students at the Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies (AMIS) sure didn’t mind being out of uniform a few Fridays ago. But being out of uniform wasn’t the point. The goal was to raise funds to help Houston Public Schools in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

“We want to be on the giving end in a situation like Hurricane Harvey and the effects on Houston, let alone students in Houston Public Schools,” said AMIS principal Janice Pitts. “The students know that this is a life lesson.” 

Pitts said the AMIS staff got the idea to have a fundraiser from a note from Superintendent Laura Mitchell to CPS faculty and administrators inviting them to dress down on Fridays in exchange for donations to the cause. AMIS decided to follow the example by letting students attend school out of uniform if they added to their homeroom’s donation box, which students designed and created themselves. Pitts promised the homeroom that brought in the most donations would get a pizza party lunch, her treat.

“Incentives never hurt,” Pitts said with a smile.

Eighth-grade students counted and sorted the money themselves. The total: $726.46 across approximately 500 students in 20 homerooms.

“Not too shabby,” said Jasmine Rollins, teacher and fundraiser organizer.

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