Dater High Students Shave Principal’s Head After Exceeding Fund Raising Challenge


Gilbert A. Dater High School’s National Honor Society, under advisor Alicia Creighton, organized a “Collect for Cures” campaign to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). Senior Zainab Soumahoro, challenged Dater’s principal, Stephen Sippel, to shave his head if the students were able to raise $2,000.

Principal Sippel was willing, but decided to up the ante a bit, challenging students to raise at least $3,000.

The entire school was brimming with excitement to see if the challenge could be met so they would get to see their principal with a shaved head. But, when the initial deadline of Friday, Nov. 17, came, the students were short by a few hundred dollars.

So, Principal Sippel extended the deadline to the following Monday, giving students one extra weekend to raise the funds. The students worked hard, and raised a total of $3,700.

Raffle tickets were sold to determine who would be the first to shave Principal Sippel’s head. Senior Kaileigh Taylor was announced as the raffle winner, and under the watchful eye of Dater parent/professional hair stylist Chauna Peppers, Kaileigh shaved Mr. Sippel’s hair with electric clippers. 

Ms. Peppers finished off the cut with a professional shave, leaving Principal Sippel with practically no hair at all, much to the delight of his students.

In all, funds were raised to support a worthy cause, and Mr. Sippel proved to his students that he was a great sport.

The classroom that raised the most money also was treated to a luncheon at the Olive Garden.

Check out this video of all the action:


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