Dater Montessori Students Shine in National Mathematics Competition


Submitted by Brenda Kortekamp, Gifted Intervention Specialist, Dater Montessori School

Last fall, 50 students from Dater Montessori School competed in the semi-annual Noetic Learning Math Contest, which helps encourage students’ interest in math, while developing their problem-solving skills. Dater is proud to announce that nine of its competitors were winners in the competition. Congratulations to:

  • Jace Garvin and Megan Reidy — Third Grade
  • Emmet Cunningham, Marissa Gunn, Marleigh Karapondo and Sam Yanik — Fourth Grade
  • Isabella Millhoan — Fifth Grade
  • Jarves Kinyuy and Brock Frances — Sixth Grade

The National Honorable Mention went to:

  • Third-Graders: Carlos Campos, Henry Demko, Jace Garvin, Megan Reidy, Jacob Scharff, Joshua Scharff, Meghan Sheerin-Day, Zuzu Thorman, and Rigby Wenker
  • Fourth-Graders: Samual Buffam, Emmet Cunningham, Marissa Gunn, Marleigh Karapondo, Leule Mesfin, Carson Miller, Spencer Pugh, Ethan Thomas and Sam Yanik
  • Fifth-Graders: Caitlin Burgstrom and Isabella Millhoan
  • Sixth-Graders: Brock Francis, Jarvis Kinyuy and Lee Thomas

Congratulations to all of them for a job well done!


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