Hughes STEM High School Principal Part of White House Education Summit


Principal Kathy Wright presents research on Next Generation Learning.

Kahty WrightHughes STEM High School Principal Kathy Wright was among the participants on Tuesday, November 10, at the first White House Summit on Next Generation Learning. The summit, which will include several senior officials in the Obama Administration, is designed to feature students, educators, philanthropists and entrepreneurs who are reinventing the high school experience to expand students’ access to innovative science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) teaching and learning.

Wright will present research during the day-long summit on the impact of a National Science Foundation grant designed to increase Hughes students’ interest in STEM concepts by promoting use of technology and involving real-world partners in project-based learning. The research affirmed that students’ interests in science and pursuing STEM careers were heightened after participating in such projects as building model roller coasters to study the laws of energy and physics; exploring global water challenges by visiting local water and sewer facilities to learn about issues surrounding the availability of potable water; and developing a community action plan to encourage the community to “think globally and act locally” after studying the causes and effects of global warming. Kathy Wright Podium

On Monday, November 9, Wright also presented the research at a forum in Washington, D.C. supported by the National Science Foundation: Next Generation STEM Learning for All.