Our Mobile App Can Deliver More Than Weather Alerts


Moble-App-SocMed-01By now, you’ve probably heard about Cincinnati Public Schools’ mobile application that delivers real-time weather notifications to users of both Apple and Android mobile devices.

But, did you also know that it can deliver alerts for your school-based news as well? Gamble Montessori is one school that can be considered a “power user” of our district’s mobile app. Each week, Principal Jack Jose sends out an alert that includes the full text of Gamble Montessori’s ‘Gator Bites’ parent newsletter.

You can use this feature, too, to share news from your schools. Here are the steps for easy reference:

  1. Log into your SchoolMessenger account.
  2. Select New Broadcast. Create a Subject and select recipients for your message. If you just want to send a push notification by itself without a phone message, select Add Myself/Add Me.
  3. On the message content tab, click the Add Social Then, select Feed/Desktop/Push. Give your push message a title and message content. The message title can be up to 100 characters. (This is what appears in the initial alert notification.) The message section can be up to 32,000 characters. (This is what appears once users click on the message within the app.) Attachments and links are not supported in push notifications.
  4. Select your school as the audience for your push notification. Click Save Social Message.
  5. You also must select one other type of message when sending the push before hitting “continue” – either a text message or phone call. (This is why you selected Add Myself/Add Me to send the push notification by itself. You would be the only person receiving the text message or call.)
  6. To send the push notification, hit Send Now or schedule it for a future date/time just as you would a regular phone broadcast.
  7. Watch for the message in the mobile app.