Rockdale Academy Opens “Coach Mack’s Corner”


Rockdale Academy students have a new space to get lost in a book, thanks to the Mack Family Foundation. Students and faculty welcomed the Xavier University Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Chris Mack, his wife, Christi, and daughters, Lainee and Hailey, to officially open the school’s “Coach Mack’s Corner.” Coach Mack’s Corner will be a reading oasis in the library, featuring Coach Mack-themed walls and a colorful, comfortable setting for reading. New bookshelves were installed and stocked with 850 age-appropriate books provided by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and the Mack Family Foundation.

Coach Chris Mack read the first book to students in the new reading oasis.

“The importance of practicing has been a constant in my life, and is a part of what I want to share with students,” said Coach Mack. “We want to provide a space where students want to practice reading.”

The Mack family was greeted by Rockdale Academy students with an enthusiastic high five line, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Coach Mack held the honor of reading aloud the first book in the new space: Curious George Joins the Team, a class favorite. Students were then able to spend time getting to know the Mack family more through a Q&A. Students asked Coach Mack how he motivates his players or helps them overcome challenges on and off the court. They especially wanted to know the favorite books and authors of the Mack family members.

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