Sands Montessori School Building Manager Surprised as Contest Finalist; Vote to Make Him the Winner


Sands Montessori students created a sign congratulating Bob Cook.

What was supposed to be a typical Monday morning for Sands Montessori school building manager Bob Cook turned into so much more when he was called into the gymnasium by principal Sarah Lord. Turns out, it was a pep rally for him, complete with music, “Mr. Bob!” cheers from the entire student body, handmade posters and signs, his family, and a local news camera.

The Sands Montessori community had secretly mobilized and nominated Cook for Cintas’ “Janitor of the Year” contest. Cook was picked as one of the top 10 finalists, becoming the only finalist from Ohio. Personal anecdotes and stories about his hard work and dedication to the school helped push him to the top of the list.

Cook received a crown, cape, and “Super Bob” T-shirt to show off during the special pep rally, and one student read a “Top 10 Reasons” list of why they think “Mr. Bob” is so deserving of this award:

Mr. Cook’s family joined in on the surprise.

  1. He has the most important job in the building. Without him, our school would not be properly maintained or cleaned.
  2. He can fix everything.
  3. He is so helpful. He helps teachers carry boxes out to their cars and delivers things to classrooms.
  4. He sets up inflatable obstacle courses and takes them down at our carnival.
  5. He hosts Grilling With Bob for the teachers at the beginning of the school year.
  6. He is very patient with our teachers.
  7. He hired the best people to work with him.
  8. Our parents, students and teachers love him.
  9. He is always willing to go beyond the call of duty, even if that means getting dressed up in pink sunglasses and a feather boa.
  10. Just because he’s Bob.

After the assembly, students rushed up to give him copies of their letters, signs and drawings.

“I’m just really surprised and I’m glad the kids love me,” Cook told WLWT. “They keep me young.”

Sands Montessori is asking the CPS community to vote for Cook until the online poll closes on April 20. If Cook wins, he will receive a personal gift and the school will win a $5,000 makeover. Learn more and vote at

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