With Teamwork and Little Competition, Four Schools Give Back


Teamwork and a little friendly competition helped liven up the days before the Thanksgiving holiday break for four CPS schools: Aiken New Tech High SchoolCollege Hill Fundamental Academy (CHFA), Mt. Airy School and Pleasant Hill Academy (PHA).

The competition centered around bringing canned goods into school to be donated to Christ Community Church. The donated items would supplement the organization’s food basket initiative that helps families experiencing food insecurity in the College Hill and Mt. Airy communities.

A student prepares to “pie” a principal.

The school that brought in the most canned goods would get to “pie” the losing schools’ principals at a pep rally at Aiken.

The idea came to life during a brainstorming session involving the principals and community resource coordinators from the four schools.

“We want to build a strong bond between our schools and surrounding community, and felt this was a great way to unite everyone behind a cause,” said Cortnee Smith, community resource coordinator at CHFA.

The elementary schools could bring up to 15 students to the pep rally, where the winning school and total number of canned goods collected would be revealed.

The results: Nearly 4,000 canned goods were collected across the four schools — 3,818 total — with CHFA bringing in the most items with 1,520 canned goods.

“This activity showed our students that every little bit counts, and that it only takes one small idea to make a huge impact,” said Smith.

CHFA principal Lauren Shockley poses with students who had the honor of throwing the pies.

In addition to activating the students, the competition engaged parents and families through daily progress updates. The team of principals and community resource coordinators are excited to explore more ways of collaborating and giving back to the community in the future.

View photos of the pep rally and students throwing pies at principals from Aiken, PHA and Mt. Airy in the slideshow below.


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