Walnut Hills Ranks Second in the Nation in Vocabulary Bowl


Question: What’s the definition of “awesome?”

Answer: Walnut Hills High School students

(From left to right) Vocabulary.com Sales Executive Ted McElroy, Walnut Hills High School ninth-grader Kaylaa Betts, 10th-grader Nadyaa Betts, 10th-grader Elijah Southerland, 10th-grader Taylor Cunningham, Walnut Hills High School English Department Head Brian Sweeney and 10th-grader Willow Campbell show off the banners the school achieved at the fifth annual Vocabulary Bowl.

The school placed second in the nation and first in the state of Ohio in the 2018-2019 Vocabulary Bowl, a national vocabulary competition hosted by vocabulary.com.

Nearly 1.4 million students from more than 39,000 schools across the country competed.

“It’s a tribute to the school, the teachers, the dedication of the kids,” said Brian Sweeney, head of the English department at Walnut Hills High School. “This is a great honor. Vocabulary is so important. It helps with writing, reading and critical thinking.”

Walnut Hills High School students mastered more than 366,000 words between July 1, 2018 – May 10, 2019.

“Vocabulary.com teaches students the academic vocabulary words that they need for success in college and beyond,” said Michael Freedman, co-founder of vocabulary.com. “The teachers and students at Walnut Hills have shown a commitment to academic rigor that fits with all of its other incredible achievements. We’re proud of our association with Walnut Hills High School and Cincinnati Public Schools.”

This isn’t the first time Walnut Hills High School placed in the competition. The school ranked second in the nation in the 2017 competition.

The 2018-2019 school year marked the fifth annual Vocabulary Bowl.

Students Kaylaa Betts, Nadyaa Betts, Elijah Southerland, Taylor Cunningham and Willow Campbell

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